Can your community endure another 2008?


RevenuePoint® : Cov-Mod® Edition

Protect homeowners from foreclosure

Avoid another 2008 with the state-of-the-art foreclosure prevention tool.

Leverage Your Internal Resources

Cov-Mod® provides basic foreclosure prevention and tax revenue protection via a free license to communities with robust internal IT and staff resources. Connect to your own CRM, low-code, and legacy platforms via API. Support is provided free via videos and blog posts only (live support packages can be purchased starting at $2225.00).

Get access to features that protect current tax revenue streams

Preventing homeowners from leaving your community due to foreclosure protects your current income, sales, and property tax base.


Centralized disease surveillance

Gain central access to 10,000+ official and mass media sources per day, including WHO, ProMED-mail, and more.

Risk of importation

Know the probability that an infectious disease will arrive in your locations of interest.

Customized notifications

Become notified when new and ongoing infectious disease outbreaks will affect you, based on what you care about.

Localized outbreak potential

Know whether or not an imported infectious disease could trigger an outbreak within your locations of interest.

Disease information library

Quickly access vital information on mode of transmission, incubation period, and protective measures for 100+ infectious diseases.

Customized disease map

Customize our global disease map by your job role, location, and diseases of concern.

Risk of exportation

Know the probability that an infectious disease will migrate outside its epicentre.

References & sources

Dig deeper on what you need to know with comprehensive access to the world’s official information on infectious diseases.

Customized disease map

Customize our global disease map by your job role, location, and diseases of concern.

Frequently Asked Questions

RevenuePoint® Managed Platform pricing depends on several factors including, but not limited to, the number of total parcels in a area, the number of parcels local government contracts with us to monitor, and the amount of income sales, and property tax revenues generated per parcel in your community.Exact pricing is only available after an initial consultation and feasablity study are completed. Turn-around-time is currently 4-8 weeks to receive a complete pricing proposal and may increase due to demand from communities impacted by COVID-19.

RevenuePoint® Managed Platform is optimized for both municipal and county/parrish level government.

While there are 14 overall metrics and improved by RevenuePoint® Managed Platform, the main key metrics are Parcel Revenue At-Risk (tracks the amount of tax revenue at-risk due to distressed real estate in your community), Parcel Revenue generated (how much revenue has been generated/saved by the platform), and Vacancy Rate (how many properties are vacant or at-risk of being vacant versus how many total properties are in your community).

Parcel Revenue is an algorithm that assumes every parcel of real estate in your community generates income, sales, and property taxes for your local governments. We conduct surveys of data specific to your community to determine how much Parcel Revenue each parcel should generate over the next 5 years. That number is then multiplied by the total number of vacant and at-risk properties in your community. 

Assuming the average parcel of land in a community generates $3000 in yearly income taxes, $4000 in yearly sales taxes, and $6000 in yearly property taxes, the total number of taxes generated ($13000) is multiplied by 5 to give us a Parcel Revenue number of $80000.00. This tells us that for every property in your community that sits vacant for 5 years, $80,000.00 in tax are lost. 

Code enforcement and land banking are proven methods that, when properly deployed, get results. However, both are reactive which means properties must become poorly maintained and/or unproductive before these methods are triggered. RevenuePoint® Managed Platform is a predictive tool which can predict and prevent vacancies 1-5 years before property distress adversely impacts tax revenues and the community as a hole. Further, if the vacancy rate in your community rises faster than code enforcement and land banking can react to avoid unproductive real estate from accumulating, the backlog of vacant properties will overrun the community, causing extended “zombie” vacancies. This equates declining property values, population, and tax revenues for years to come.

RevenuePoint® Managed Platform boasts patent-pending technology called “Zombie” Title Influence Scoring which gathers data from public records and physical property inspections to determine when the legal and physical characteristics that cause extended “zombie” vacancies are adversely impacting the community and what steps must be taken to counter that negative impact.

Getting started with RevenuePoint® Managed Platform is as easy as setting up a no-cost, initial consultation. On that call, one of our RevenuePoint® experts will conduct a brief assessment from you and your team. Within a few weeks, we will gather the data we need, combine it with the information provided on the initial call, and present your local government with a detailed proposal on the costs of moving forward. 

RevenuePoint® Managed Platform guides code enforcement officials with data-driven insights  that laser focus on the exact properties that adversely impact tax revenues and increase blight. Before and after code enforcement efforts are triggered, we handle all aspects of data collection and property owner engagement and counsel property owners to achieve milestones, such as property tax payment plan and mortgage loan modifications, via our attorney-managed social service campaigns. The result of this partnership is a drastic improvement in code enforcement efficiency and the ability to assist a large number of property owners without the need for government to hire, train, and compensate additional government employees.

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RevenuePoint® Managed Platform

Outsource everything your local government needs to cure "zombie" vacancies and increase tax revenues in one platform.

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