Facing another 2008? Protect constituents with state-of-the-art foreclosure prevention.


RevenuePoint® : Cov-Mod® Edition

Protect homeowners from foreclosure

Avoid another 2008 with the state-of-the-art foreclosure prevention tool.

Leverage Your Internal Resources

Cov-Mod® provides basic foreclosure prevention and tax revenue protection via a free license to communities with robust internal IT and staff resources. Connect to your own CRM, low-code, and legacy platforms via API. Support is provided free via videos and blog posts only (live support packages can be purchased starting at $2225.00).

Get access to features that protect current tax revenue streams

Preventing homeowners from leaving your community due to foreclosure protects your current income, sales, and property tax base.


Accurately track vacancies

One system for code enforcement and community officials to track and store vacancies.

Protect tax revenues

Saving homeowners from foreclosure and keeping homes occupied protects tax revenues.

Leverage your resources

Link to your CRM, low-code, and legacy software systems via API to communicate and collaborate.

Provide foreclosure help

Prevent families and communities from enduring painful foreclosures and leaving your community.

Reduce “zombie” vacancies

Homes that become vacant can stay vacant for years, causing “zombie” vacancies. Get ahead of the curve.

Improve your community

Increased vacancies means increased blight. Reduce blight by keeping owners in their homes.


Cov-Mod® is a free, foreclosure prevention system for local governments built on our Virtual Land Bank Platform®, or VLBP. The VLBP data-driven technology that uses public records to both predict future vacancies and cure the underlying causes of current vacancies. 

Cov-Mod® is distributed under the free GNU license. The license grants cities and counties permission to use, share, run, and modify the software for their own use.

Cov-Mod® is designed to connect to CRM, low-code, and legacy software systems that (1) automate constituent engagement and (2) have an API. Local governments looking to deploy Cov-Mod® will also need a basic Microsoft Power BI account which can be obtained free directly from Microsoft. For local governments looking to automate data collection, we recommend a single-user license of Pipefy ($22 monthly) to serve as a front-end tool to capture data and funnel it to Power BI. Pipefy can also integrate with your postal mail delivery system via API or Zapier. Lastly, local governments using Cov-Mod® should have dedicated staff members to assist homeowners with loan modification and property tax payment plan assistance. 

While Cov-Mod® is a basic D-I-Y foreclosure prevention tool designed for local governments with limited budgets, our managed platform allows local governments to completely outsource the tasks required to increase the efficiency of code enforcement, land banking, and community development initiatives. Also, while Cov-Mod® only assists homeowners, our managed platform works to cure all types of real estate vacancies, including commercial and industrial vacancies. Lastly, our managed platforms link vacancies to income, sales, and property tax revenues allowing local governments to take the necessary steps to protect, monitor, and grow these vital income streams.

Yes. Our founder authored the COVID-19 Neighborhood Stabilization Model and filed a provisional patent for the technology in April, 2020. To our knowledge, no other foreclosure prevention tool designed specifically to address the impact of COVID-19 on homeowners exists.

Yes. If your local government decides to upgrade to a manged platform after deploying Cov-Mod®, your onboarding specialist will assist you in moving all of your data to your new, managed instance free of charge.

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We also offer hourly consulting with our expert vacancy and tax revenue consultants. Initial, one-hour consultations can be scheduled at no charge.


Get the only platform built to reduce vacancies and drive tax revenue growth working in your community today.