How smart local governments turn vacant and abandoned homes into sustainable tax revenue growth opportunities.

Accelerate Tax Revenue Growth | Reduce & Eliminate Blight | Improve Your Community


Eliminate problem properties and supercharge economic and community development growth.

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Protect your city/county from losing income, sales, and property tax revenue to real estate vacancies with our RevenuePoint® technology.

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Discover hidden tax revenue growth opportunities via 12 proprietary algorithms that give your city or county sound, data-driven insights.

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Supercharge your code enforcement and development initiatives by laser focusing on specific problem properties to generate maximum impact.

Real estate vacancies are a spreading disease in urban, suburban & rural communities.

While disease spreads fast, our technology uses real-time data so governments can react even faster.

The cost of real estate vacancies to local governments is $450 Billion annually* & increasing due to COVID-19.

Property Taxes

$185 Billion

Estimated loss of property tax revenues caused by vacancies

Income Taxes

$143 Billion

Estimated loss of income tax revenues caused by vacancies

Sales Taxes

$122 Billion

Estimated loss of sales tax revenues caused by vacancies

How it Works: RevenuePoint® Technology (2-Minute Read)

We help your local government predict and mitigate risk to your tax revenues by supercharging the community development process. With the click of a mouse, we create a “Virtual Land Bank” that scans data specific to your community and applies 12 proprietary algorithms to generate a “case” both for current vacancies and properties that are at-risk of being vacant in the next 1-5 years. Our products then connect current and future vacancies directly to future income, sales, and property tax revenues.

Each current or future vacancy is a case.

“Cases” are reviewed by a virtual “Case Management Team” that examines each current or at-risk vacancy from the perspective and expertise of:

  • A real estate attorney with 20+ years of experience solving complex real estate title issues
  • A behavioral psychologist with 20+ years of experience guiding patients impacted by divorce, death, job loss, and financial issues to positive milestones
  • A real estate agent with 20+ years of experience estimating property values and renovation costs
  • A real estate attorney with 20+ years of experience litigating foreclosures and bankruptcies
  • Government officials with 20+ years of experience in community and economic development

We take a multi-channel communications approach to engaging property owners.

We engage property owners (including absentee owners) across all marketing channels – mail, email, web, social media, and text messaging – to deliver attorney-managed social service campaigns.

“Case Management Plans” are deployed to assist property owners in reaching “Milestones” such as property tax payment plans, loan modifications, or the sale of distressed property with the assistance of a licensed real estate agent or attorney.

Property owners are monitored to avoid vacancies.

For a 5-year period, we continue to monitor property owners who achieved “Milestones”  to ensure properties are being maintained, property taxes are paid timely, and the “cycle of distress” that led to the first vacancy or at-risk vacancy does not repeat. If it does, we re-engage with a new “Case”.

The system delivers bottom line tax revenue results for local governments without large, upfront investments in technology and manpower.

See how our platform will instantly improve your community.

RevenuePoint® empowers local government officials in your community to recover millions of dollars in income, sales, and property tax revenue opportunities that your local government loses each year due to real estate vacancies. 

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