Blazing the path to financially sustainable land banks.

See how our RevenuePoint® technology is driving $100 Million to local land banks.

Sustainable Land Bank Initiative

“Parcel Revenue has pioneered the technology that allows local governments to make code enforcement decisions with the most precise data set available today. And that data makes it clear – without financially sustainable land banks, our communities will never reach their full potential.”

– Eric Golubitsky, Investor and Government Relations – Parcel Revenue Corporation

Both federal and state authorities, as well as local communities nationwide, have received immeasurable benefits from the efforts of thousands of loyal, hardworking land bank officials and their staffs. However, a comprehensive plan to make land banks financially sustainable nationwide is required to ensure that land banks can continue to serve our communities.

Our Sustainable Land Bank Initiative® is already working to cure the need for sustainable land banks by committing $100 Million to local land banks and small communities without land banks over the next five years to:

  • hire additional staff;
  • upgrade technology;
  • give land bands greater influence over real estate sold in the private real estate market;
  • procurement of outside consulting and, where necessary, legal counsel, to improve land bank processes.
 Parcel Revenue Corporation is proud to invest in and fuel the growth of local land banks as part of our ongoing commitment to end housing inequality. Learn more about the Sustainable Land Bank Initiative® at